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Buying used POCs – Concerns

  1. Jun 24,2019
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If you are buying a used POC, you have to proceed with caution

We recommend you first:

Check the length of use.

Make sure to ask whoever you purchase the unit from how many hours are logged on it. As POCs age, the sieve beds deteriorate. This is the component that filters the nitrogen out of the air. The compressor might also be worn out and in need of replacement

Check the warranty on used POC.

Some people will wait until their warranty expires, sell their used unit, and then purchase a brand new unit. Some warranties are not transferable. Some begin at the date when the original owner purchased the POC and on the date that the distributor first purchased the POC. Having a warranty will protect you against most malfunctions.

Check what accessories the POC comes with.  

Basic accessories for your POC include an AC and, for most units, a DC power supply so that you can charge your unit. Does the unit come with a battery? POC batteries can be expensive, so make sure the battery is included with your purchase. Other basic accessories may include a carrying case, unused oxygen tubing, and nasal cannula.

Be aware of potential cross-contamination:

Using someone else’s medical equipment could result in exposure of biological contaminants which can cause serious health issues. Make sure your POC has been thoroughly cleaned and all the filters are (internal and external) replaced.

It is important to also exercise caution on buying a POC from overseas websites as some POCs and Oxygen Concentrators do not have correct oxygen purity.

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