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Can I use my POC during the day, night or on extended travel?

  1. Jul 31,2019
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POCs have two oxygen delivery modes: pulse dose and continuous flow. The pulse dose mode is usually used during daytime.

Let your doctor know if you intend to travel with your POC as you will need to be evaluated if it is suitable for use while you sleep. Many supplemental oxygen users are ‘mouth breathers’ (especially while sleeping) and POCs are triggered by nasal inhalation. Therefore, the POC’s effectiveness and sensitivity should be determined if you intend to use it while sleeping.

Many people on oxygen therapy CANNOT use a POC. Most people do not sleep with a POC. Ask your doctor about sleeping with a POC. Your doctor will most likely have you do a sleep test to determine whether it will work for you. A POC will not work with a CPAP machine or BiPAP machine.

POCs are not a ‘one-size fits all’ proposition. Make sure you try a device prior to purchasing a unit. Don’t hesitate to exchange the POC for a different model if it is not keeping you properly saturated!

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