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Air Liquide Healthcare is Australia’s leading supplier of home medical oxygen therapy services and product solutions.

Our dedicated team of specialists currently service more than 5,000 home oxygen patients throughout Australia.

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we strongly believe that a high level of support is the key in determining the effectiveness of your therapy. In partnership with your physician and health providers, Air Liquide Healthcare provides therapy solutions to meet your individual requirements and ongoing support.

Before selecting a solution you should consult with your doctor to determine which unit is right for you. Most people on oxygen require a higher flow while moving around and that might be more than certain units are capable of producing. We stock a large selection of oxygen equipment including Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs), oxygen cylinders (or Oxygen bottles), stationary oxygen concentrators. We can arrange for a trial on the specific equipment that you intend to use and share the results with your doctor for you peace of mind.

If you are interested in a POC, you must ensure that you understand the technology and the various aspects of these devices before you buy one. Finding the right POC for you is like finding the right pair of shoes. You need to try it on to be sure it fits. POC settings vary from model to model meaning you need to have your doctor assess which POC model best meets your medical needs. We have developed a complete range of options to help you select the right solution for yourself.


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POC Rental

Our POC rental program is designed to suit your lifestyle and oxygen therapy needs. Whether you are going on a short trip or require a POC for long-term use, we have the rental option to suit your needs.

Our short-term rental is a daily rental option that is perfect for travel or for assessing whether a POC is suitable for your lifestyle. Take a POC for a ‘test drive’ while doing your shopping, going for a walk, or anytime you require oxygen while you are out and about. If you purchase a POC after your rental period, up to one month’s rental will be deducted from the POC’s purchase price.

Our long-term rental is an affordable rental option with the highest level of service and support. Over time, your oxygen prescription needs may change. POC technology is also constantly evolving, with manufacturers creating POC devices that are lighter and capable of delivering higher levels of oxygen output per minute. Our long-term rental option allows you to change POC devices during the course of your rental if a POC model that better meets your oxygen needs is available in our range.

You will also receive a free set-up and education session, a free starter kit (12 cannulas, 1 EZ wrap, and 1 Nozoil nasal spray), and 2 month’s rental deductible if you decide to purchase your own POC.

Whether you are going on a short trip or require a POC for long-term use, we have a rental option to suit your needs.

POC Purchase

We supply a wide range of POCs from leading manufacturers. Our knowledgeable team is well trained to look after all your medical oxygen needs from advice to long-term support through preventive maintenance servicing solutions.

Why Purchase a POC from us?

We offer a seven-day free trial to ensure the POC you selected is suitable for you. During the free trial period, you may consult your doctor to determine if the selected POC meets your oxygen requirements. Our dedicated team of home healthcare technicians are trained to ensure that expert education and ongoing support are provided throughout Australia. In the comfort of your home, they will set up your oxygen equipment and provide extensive education on proper use of your equipment, oxygen safety, advice on how to travel with your POC, and equipment troubleshooting. If your POC requires repair while under warranty, we provide a loan unit at no charge.

Preventive Maintenance Servicing

Performing annual preventive maintenance servicing on your POC is an effective way of ensuring that your device is always delivering optimal oxygen therapy. Our team of expert service technicians is able to provide the highest standard of preventive maintenance servicing of your POC.